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“Our quality is based on a highest food safety standard, our safety is a result of compliance with the highest European, Scandinavian and domestic standards. Our strengths are our well-educated specialists and highly-qualified workers ensuring full supervision over the chickens breeding, growth and the following production process. From an egg to a boxed and packaged product – we know and control every step of the way.

Saulius Petkevičius, AS Putnu fabrika Ķekava member of the Board, responsible for matters related to aviculture.

High standards to the birds’ living conditions

Our birds enjoy freedom of movement. The air is constantly ventilated, its temperature is controlled; the lighting emulates day and night conditions leaving the chickens healthy seven hours for a quiet sleep.

High quality feed to our chickens

The quality of our chickens comes from the quality of their food. Well-balanced and nutritious, delivered by regional farmers and fodder producers, our chicken food is based on homeland wheat, corn, rapeseed or sunflower oil. As a source of protein, the feed also contains soya that is sustainable and responsible cultivated, delivered by Pro-Terra certified soy producer. The feed mill factory receives constant feedback from the poultry houses leading to a creation of individually tailored feed.

No antibiotics to our chickens

The key to a healthy chicken is a strong immune system. We are the first producer in the Baltics and one of the very few in Europe where the birds grow with low use of antibiotics, below 5%. Despite a growing tendency of using antibiotics as a shortcut solution that leads to an alarming development of antibiotic resistance, which may adversely affect the public health, we have developed a system allowing to grow chickens without antibiotics treatment.​