Full production cycle

We are the only production company in the region that manages the whole of our production cycle, from start to finish. This level of oversight enables precise control over every phase of production, ensuring high product quality for our customers.

Our process starts with the maternal brood: to secure a steady supply of incubation eggs, a vital component for consistent production. From incubation to delivery at retail outlets, each stage is closely monitored and follows strict regulations from the Food and Veterinary Service and the European Union, maintaining our commitment to quality throughout the production cycle.

Production cycle

Feed Mill Factory: Here, we produce a 100% vegetarian feed by purchasing grain directly from local farmers. This practice not only supports our community but also ensures that our poultry receives the highest quality nutrition.

Parent Stock: Our parent flock, reared freely in our poultry houses, lays the foundation for the next generation to be healthy and robust.

Egg Hatching in Incubator: Eggs collected from these parent flocks are then carefully incubated, marking the next essential phase in our cycle.

Chickens from Locally Laid Eggs: The day-old chicks, hatched from these eggs, are then supplied to our poultry houses, ensuring a controlled growth environment from the very beginning.

Own Farms: On these farms, we raise the ROSS-308 chicken breed, adhering strictly to the EU’s animal welfare requirements. This breed is known for its quality and robustness, aligning with our commitment to excellence.

Production: Our commitment to quality extends to our production facilities. Our slaughterhouse, certified as BRC AA level, operates to the highest standards, ensuring that our products are safe and of premium quality.

Supply: The final step in our full production cycle involves the logistics of distributing our products to retail chains and stores in more than 50 countries.
Through this complete oversight from egg to shelf, Top Choice Poultry ensures an unmatched level of quality control and product excellence.