The story of Top Choice Poultry

At Top Choice Poultry, we are dedicated to delivering excellence. Since our inception in 2016, we have grown to become not only the largest poultry producer in the region but also a household name that’s both well known and deeply cherished.

We carry forward the legacy of over 50 years of poultry expertise, tracing our roots back to the esteemed Latvian producer, Ķekava Foods, founded in 1967. Today, as an integral part of the Akola Group, which acquired Ķekava Foods back in 2013, we leverage our extensive experience in international trading, agricultural product cultivation, and food production to bring unparalleled quality to your table.

Throughout its evolution, Akola Group, previously known as Linas Agro Group, has ventured into various sectors within the agricultural industry, strategically acquiring several companies and startups, thus gaining access to new markets, technologies and expertise. An important milestone in its growth trajectory was its IPO on Nasdaq Vilnius. Recent expansions into the ready-to-eat food category demonstrate its dedication to innovation and adaptability. With its extensive experience and expertise, Akola Group is well positioned to explore further potential markets, seizing emerging opportunities and maintaining its position as a leader in the industry.

Our production spans across three strategically located facilities in Latvia and Lithuania – Ķekava Foods, with two production sites in Rīga and Ķekava; and Vilniaus Paukštynas. With each plant boasting over 50 years of operational experience, we combine tradition with innovation to deliver exceptional-quality poultry products.

This network of production plants provides the necessary flexibility and efficiency in our production processes. By harnessing the strengths of each location, we are able to maintain a seamless supply chain, adapt to market demands swiftly, and deliver our poultry products efficiently to a global audience.

We’ve expanded our reach to over 50 countries worldwide while maintaining our commitment to top-quality standards. Moving forward, we remain dedicated to growth, sustainability and customer satisfaction, and to ensuring that Top Choice Poultry continues to be the go-to choice for consumers everywhere.

We observe the best production practices, in compliance with the highest service and product quality standards in product production, in collaboration with our partners and in caring for the environment. Our principle is sustainable enterprise based on the principles of open and honest commercial activity.

Andrius Pranckevičius,
JSC Putnu fabrika Ķekava Chairman of the Board