Roasted chicken breast fillet cubes “Salad chicken”

Roasted chicken breast fillet cubes “Salad chicken”

Art.Nr. 27115

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Net weight: 2 x 2,5kg per carton

Packing: 5 kg

Ingredients: Chicken breast fillets (92%), water, rice starch, dextrose, stabilizer (E451), antioxidant (E331), thickeners (E407, E415), yeast extract, salt, potato starch, spiceblend (salt, yeast extract, natural spices: onion, paprika, black pepper, tomato, ginger, cumin, coriander).
100 g of chicken breast fillet was used to prepare 107 g of finished product.

Storage temperature: -18°C and below (short period ±3°C)

Shelf life: 12 months

About product

The product is available of different sizes.
The size of particular product – 16×16 mm .

Shelf life

12 months (1 year) in closed original packaging at recommended storage temperature.

Shelf life after opening of the original packaging
Quality standards

Nutrition data

Energy value

418 kJ / 99 kcal


1,8 g

of which saturated fatty acids

0,5 g


1,5 g

of which sugar

0 g


0,4 g


19 g


0,9 g