Sales strategy: big enough to be flexible

Experience and quality

Because of the geographically close distance, currently Sweden is our biggest export market.

More than 10 years ago we accepted the challenge to enter into this market. During this period, we have proved that we have equally good quality as local producers in Sweden, at more attractive prices. In order to strengthen the market positions and open up new export possibilities, it was decided to create our own export brand and build a personality of our business. In process of creating the brand name and its identity, we did a research, including conversations and surveys with our regular customers. In 2016 at the SIAL exhibition in Paris, Top Choice Poultry was presented as our first export brand. And now we are already developing sales of Top Choice Poultry in Finland, Denmark, UK, Ireland.

All that customers need

Long-term cooperation is the main priority of our business strategy. Our side to side cooperation with customers, together with our knowledge of food trends and our dedication to developing new products, helped us to be present with our Top Choice Poultry products in following sales channels:

  1. Horeca
  2. Retail
  3. Public sector
  4. Industry
  5. Ethnic (Halal products)

Customer-oriented new product development

The market is constantly changing; therefore we work closely with our customers on their new product development, helping them to respond quickly to market demands and new trends. By understanding the market and product requirements we can apply our skills to develop products according to our customers’ needs. Our high educated, motivated and customer-oriented export team is responsive and flexible. We make sure that new products meet the tight requirements and price expectations of the market. We offer different kind of packaging solutions and we ensure efficient and flexible logistics.